LIVE REVIEW: Polish Club at Rad Bar 10/12/16

Rad Bar is a popular place to kickback with friends and enjoy some live music, with a variety of great acts playing most days of the week. Polish Club’s gig on December 10th, supported by Sun Sap and Food Court, was no exception to the high-standard of performances at Rad Bar. All three acts differed in style, but were equally talented and popular with the crowd, making for an awesome Saturday night.

Sun Sap were first up, with their mix of garage-rock, surf-rock and country creating a cohesive and confident sound for such a young band. The energy and enthusiasm Sun Sap had, combined with their musical skill, made for a fun set. Even on the tiny dancefloor they had the crowd dancing along with them, with the usual banter and sharing of drinks seen at Rad Bar. Without overpowering the other members, the lead singer really lead the band, giving off vibes of Pelle Almqvist of The Hives as he commanded the crowd and interspersed his singing with bombastic howls and yells.

Food Court were up next with some good, classic garage rock. With 2 guitars, 1 bass guitar and a drummer, Food Court had the classic pop-punk lineup, but this didn’t mean they didn’t have their own individual style. Rather than defaulting to a Green Day or Blink-182 style of nasally vocals and angsty lyrics, Food Court’s Aussie background came through in their music. Combined with well-practised and tight instrumentation, the band pumped up the crowd for the next band.

Polish Club were the headliners for the night at Rad Bar, and they certainly fit their role as the stars of the show. Made up of only a drummer, John-Henry, and guitarist/singer, Novak, Polish Club made a lot of noise for so few members. Described on their Triple J Unearthed profile as writers of ‘pop songs fifty years late and twice the speed’, Polish Club played a unique mix of fast, hard drumming and soulful, bluesy guitar and vocals. Novak played like a man possessed, falling into the middle of the crowd at one point to play a guitar solo on the ground. With a sound similar to Kings of Leon or the Black Keys and pulled together by the front man’s brash, full-bodied vocals, Polish Club played hit after hit, many of them short and sweet. A highlight of their set was a mashup of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ leading into a raunchy cover of ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine, once again firmly set in their own style but extremely well-done and fun. Polish Club have an album coming out soon, and their performance at Rad Bar definitely heralded big things happening in the band’s future.

Dec 16th 2016 | Daisy Loomes